Risk Profiling

Risk profiling is a process for estimating financial risk-taking capacity and understanding the (psychological) risk tolerance level of an individual. We have compiled some questions that will help us to evaluate both the parameters. After submitting the answers, you will get the report via email. The questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes for completion.
 How old are you?
 Your Occupation?
 Your first preference of investment?
 Your primary investment object?
  What percentage of your monthly income can be invested?
 Do you have any borrowing
 How many people depend on your financially?
 What is your expected rate of return from your investments?
 What is your annual income ?
 What is the market /current value Investment ?
 How many months of expenses can your emergency funds covers?
 What is your experience with any past investment activity?
 Preferred Investment type?
 What is your experience or knowledge with market e.g. Equity, Commodity, Forex, and Derivatives Market , which related to our advice and recommendation?
 In order to achieve high return, willing to choose high risk investment.
 I would start to worry about my investment, when market is fallen?
 I prefer to keep capital safe rather than have high returns
 Compared to others, how do you rate your willingness to take financial risks?


I hereby declare that I have read, understood and personally accomplished this entire Risk Profiling Questionnaire and that the answers I have given are accurate. I understand the risk involved in investing in equities. I will exercise my own independent judgment in subscribing the suitable package/s (if any) as per my Risk Profile Score.

You may review your answers before they are recorded in the system. Once recorded they cannot be changed. This is done to ensure the integrity of the data. You can review your answers by scrolling through the questionnaire. Now is the best time to correct any mistakes or omissions.